3 simple steps to create a visually data rich seating plan:

As it is so easy to make changes, in just a few clicks you can rearrange seating by ability or resolve disruptive behaviour/ safeguarding issues.

And once your seating plan has been created for a particular classroom, the table layout can be re-used, saving you time and hassle when creating seating plans for different classes.

  • Enter the dimensions of the classroom.
  • Drag and drop your desks into position (choose from a range of styles).
  • Add and move your students into their seats.

See key student data at a glance

Each student’s effort, current and predicted grades are shown on the seating plan as well as any key cohorts they belong to. Instantly see which students are SEN, pupil premium, EAL, more able or have medical conditions.

This visual approach makes it easy to plan seating by student performance.

View your classroom seating plan on screen or print out as a reference for yourself or with colleagues, with or without key information.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce your planning time.
  • Design seating plans with key information in mind allowing you to help get the best out of students.
  • Solve behaviour and safeguarding issues by reorganise seating plans in a few clicks.
  • Use different classroom layouts for separate classes.
  • Share seating plans with colleagues, enabling teachers covering lessons to be more effective.

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